Hi !

My name is Haolin Zeng, or Horace, entomology PhD student at the University of Georgia-Athens. My pursuit is to be an ecologist/entomologist/conservationistand try my best to demonstrate the beauty of nature.

WHY I love insects 

Every one of them is like a tiny but super advanced robot. Their small size often conceals their complexity. Even after they die, their bodies continue to shine beauty and elegance into the world.

This site is a collection of my steampunk-transformer-insect-specimen crafts (too wordy? ha) and some random projects, photography, and other stuff I do. I wish my works can inspire people to look at the insect in a different way.

I believe – if you are not creating, you are not really living.

Thank you!
>> My email: horace.zhl at gmail . com


Besides mother nature, I took inspiration from the following artists:

Justin Gershenson-Gates
I would not develop the crafting work without seeing people’s works above.


Horace – HAOLIN ZENG © 2022


4 thoughts on “About

  1. goodmorning Horace,
    like your work,would like to spend 200dollar any idea what you can make for me
    masterpiece has to be send to belgium

  2. hello Horace,
    just like you i am fascinated by the work from libby,martinet,conte and hardwidge
    i have no preference concerning the insect,but i do hope it has metal,electronic and led elements
    i am not a steampunker but i love steampunk art,especially the magic insects
    Horace,you as biologist take a walk on the wild side and get inspired by a sunday walk in the nature
    surprise me and blow me away from my socle
    i can go to 250 $ and willing to advance money ,i would say 50 $
    i make no problems concerning delivery time,no deadline,no speed delivery!

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