Hi !

My name is Haolin Zeng, or Horace, currently an entomology PhD candidate at the University of Georgia-Athens. My pursuit is to be an biologist/conservationist/artist and, try my best to uncover and demonstrate the beauty of nature.

WHY I love insects 

Every one of them little bugs is like a tiny but super advanced robot. Their small size often conceals their complexity. They are hugely diverse and impactful to our ecosystems. Even after they die, their bodies continue to shine beauty and elegance into the world.

WHY I study social insects 

Social insects such as ants, bees, wasps, and termites are found almost everywhere – that means they are very successful groups of animals. Each colony is considered a “superorganism,” made up of many individuals but effectively functioned as a single organism.

Since Darwin, biologists have been trying to figure out how they evolved such a complex, highly integrated and coordinated lifestyle. We have already learned so much from the functions of social insect colonies. Yet many fascinating questions await to be answered.

WHY I use insects as medias for art 

I believe: if you are not creating, you are not really living. My artworks are created not just by me, but also the insects, dead or alive. I wish I can inspire a more profound appreciation of (social) insects, as well as the mother nature, who created these insects. 


>> My email: horace.zhl at gmail dot com

>> My Youtube: link 

>> Twitter: link 

Horace Zeng © 2022


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hello Horace,
    just like you i am fascinated by the work from libby,martinet,conte and hardwidge
    i have no preference concerning the insect,but i do hope it has metal,electronic and led elements
    i am not a steampunker but i love steampunk art,especially the magic insects
    Horace,you as biologist take a walk on the wild side and get inspired by a sunday walk in the nature
    surprise me and blow me away from my socle
    i can go to 250 $ and willing to advance money ,i would say 50 $
    i make no problems concerning delivery time,no deadline,no speed delivery!

  2. goodmorning Horace,
    like your work,would like to spend 200dollar any idea what you can make for me
    masterpiece has to be send to belgium

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