Aug 2016: Started as a Ph.D. student in the Ross lab at the University of Georgia-Athens.

Project (1): Investigate key components in the polygyne queen of Solenopsis invicta (red imported fire ant) that mediate worker supergene discrimination

Correction: “Polar fraction” in the poster does not include piperidines.

Poster_2017 ESA_Horace

Project (2): Control of sex ratio in the monogyne fire ant colonies

Sex ratio proj

Project (3): 

@ ILLINOIS (undergraduate)

Sep 2015 – April 2016 WithMatias Fernandez, Dr. Katy Heath, University of Illinois, individual project IB490,  Searching for selection for higher wind dispersal ability in western redcedar in the Pacific Northwest. (Poster)

Sep 2014 – Jan 2015 With Dr. Chris Dietrich and Dr. David Zaya, University of Illinois, individual project IB390, The relationships between Auchenorrhyncha insect diversity and vegetation community composition in Illinois 

Summer research 2014: with Dr. Brenda Molano-Flores & Dr. David Zaya, National Great Rivers Research and Education Center, The relationship between reproduction, photosynthetic traits, and genome size for a rare Illinois plant species along the Mississippi River” (Poster)

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