Crafts (2015)


This is a series of crafts of “insect-transformer-steampunk-display”, inspired by various artists such as Mike Libby, Justin Gershenson-Gates, Tom Hardwidge, Edouard Martinet, & Christopher Conte. 

No.1 [Landmark] 

Material: dried insect specimen (Chalcosoma Caucasus beetle), blue LED light, wires, battery, solder, watch parts, camera parts, random found items, acrylate gule


   Crafting time: 7 days (on and off)

No. 2 [Toner]


No. 3 [Black Ninja]

Donated to the Insect Fear Film Festival, at the University of Illinois.

No. 5 [Trampler]


No. 6 [Dragon B]


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  1. Horace this is amazing and beautiful! Nice work!

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