Ant labs of NA

Who is studying social evolution of ants in America?

(Mostly ant people here. Bee, wasp people are just too much… maybe add them later). (Featured Image credit: Alex Wild)

Order randomly. Updated in 2018.

ROSS Lab, U Georgia

Social polymorphism, population genetics, chemical communication in fire ants

HUNT Lab, U Georgia

Bioinformatic & genomics & epigenetics on social insect evolution, development, and behavior

GOODSIMAN Lab, George Tech

Evolution of sociality & social insect comparative genomics & epigenetic inheritance & molecular base of caste differentiation & invasive biology & mating system and life history

SUAREZ Lab, U Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Invasive biology, colony structure & evolution and mechanics of trap-jaw ants & ecology of body size variation

LUCKY Lab, U Florida

Population genetics of introduced ants & biodiversity & systematics and biogeography & citizen science

TSUTSUI Lab, UC Berkeley

Chemical communication, recognition system & evolution of social behavior & genetics and genomics of ants and bees

GORDON lab, Stanford

Evolution of collective behavior, regulation of colony activity & ant-plant mutualisms & invasive biology

MOREAU Lab, Cornell


Biodiversity genomics , diversification of ants, phylogenetics & host-microbe symbiosis & biogeography

KRONAUER Lab, Rockefeller University

Molecular basis of social behavior and division of labor & ant gut symbiont bacteria

Social Insect Research Group, Arizona State

FEWELL Lab, Arizona State

Evolution of cooperation & division of labor & social scaling, social network structure and function

PRATT Lab, Arizona State

Psychology of superorganism & information sharing though social networks & collective choice & teamwork by ants and robots

DORNHAUS Lab, U Arizona

Collective problem-solving strategies & Efficiency, flexibility, and robustness in complex systems & Evolution of complexity & Application to human societies

MUELLER Lab, U Texas

Evolution of mutualisms, social conflict and cooperation, between fungus-growing ants and their fungi, & plants and rhizosphere microbes

Fire ant project , U Texas

Biocontrol of fire ants, ecology of phorid fly, production and release of Pseudacteon phorid flies

VARGO Lab, Texas A&M

Urban pest management


Social Evolution, transcriptomics, evolutionary genetics, behavioral ecology, corazonin


Behavioral ecology, sociobiology, and neurobiology of insects

KOCHER Lab, Princeton

Genetics of social polymorphism & bee community ecology & selection on sociality & maternal care

ADAMS Lab, Ohio State

Parasite strategies, chemical communication, alarm pheromone, venom evolution, micro symbiotic networks, reproductive strategies, species discovery.

LIEBIG Lab, Arizona State

Fertility signaling in ants, termites, within-colony conflicts, Endocrine basis of reproductive regulation, Sensory basis of olfactory communication, genetic and epigenetic basis of sociality

PURCELL Lab, UC Riverside

Population genomics, biogeography, experimental ecology, animal behavior

RUSSELL Lab, Drexel University

Symbiosis, gut microbes, ahpids, phylogenetics

Currie Lab, U Wisconsin-Madison

Ant-baterial symbiosis, leaf-cutting ants, bacterial evolution, antibiotic discovery, bioenergy research

Powell Lab, George Washington University

Interface of evolutionary ecology and community ecology

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