Fire Ant Painting

Apparently, ants can paint.

These paintings are done by letting a “ball” of aggregating fire ant walk along acrylic paint drops. As they diffuse outward, they create an exploding graphic pattern. Using different caste/sex/size of ants, you can get very different patterns.

I am currently not selling.

<Hot Spring>

All size 11 by 17. (If you want one but don’t like what’s available, you may request a custom one with your colors of choice. But I don’t have that many extra ants to use so a custom one would be more expansive.)

Media cover:;

(I am using regular acrylic paints here so the ants are hurt to some degree due to the toxicity, some are killed. Arguably it is not very humane, but honestly I don’t really have a problem using fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) for this purpose, given that 1, they are an serious invasive pest insect worldwide, causing ecological, agricultural and health problems; 2, the workers are sterile and part of a “superorganism”; 3, The ants I use are from queenless colonies so they will be dead soon anyway.)

(But of course I will try non-toxic paint, if the demand is high.)

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