Fire Ant Painting

Apparently, ants can “paint”.

These paintings are done by letting a “ball” of aggregating fire ant (S. invicta) walk along with acrylic paint drops. As the ants diffuse outward, they create an exploding graphic pattern.

Using different caste/sex/size of ants, you can get very different patterns.

Each painting is infused the ants’ instinct of survival and pursuit of freedom.

[I am currently not selling, but will accept custom demand.]

<Hot Spring>

All sizes 11 by 17. (If you want one but don’t like what’s available, you may request a custom one with your colors of choice. But I don’t have that many extra ants to use so a custom one would be more expansive.)

Media cover:;

8 thoughts on “Fire Ant Painting

  1. Hi Horace!

    I just ran across your work as I looked up ‘artwork by ants’ on google…I becane fascinated by ants 25 yrs ago while in Costa Rica; I witnesses a slew of leafcutter ants walking down one side of a tree with cuttings, across the path we were on (we waited over 2 mins watching them all cross), then they walked up another tree on the other side of the path! In art school 7 yrs later, I did a project about ants – I purchased 3 different species and showed off the differences in their different tunnel schemes.🙂 As ants are among my fav creatures, I’m interested in learning of your pricing for projects. I am re-doing the wall over my mantle to include artwork by different animals & would love to have something done by ants!

    I loved your videos of creating the artwork – thank you for sharing!!

    Can you please reach out to me?
    Thank you!!!

    • Dear Lisa,

      I’m very glad that you like the paintings! Would you mind emailing me real quick horace.zhl at gmail, we could discuss the further details.


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